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I think this (reading speed) might be a large part of the divide.

When I was a child, I was limited to the library and ten books at a time. I could finish those ten books in less than one week and not have anything to read until my next library visit. So, I re-read my favorites.

Then I discovered the paperback racks. No check-out limits, no due dates. But the selection was mostly romance and men's adventure. I branched out into new genres out of desperation. I even read the Mack Bolan books. I don't like much violence, so they weren't my true cup of tea.

When I began earning a living, I started buying books. And keeping them. And re-reading them. I'd go back and re-read all the books in a series when the new volume came out. My book holdings exceeded my personal living space long ago. I've paid rent on one of my storage rooms since 1982.

I just finished reading the new Meg Langslow book and am wanting to go back and re-read them all, but not all are on kindle. I boxed up the paperbacks years ago, and they're in my storage room which is miles away and closed on Sundays. I can't get to them until Friday when I'll have energy and time to shift boxes. I probably won't do it, but I will buy and re-read them when they are kindlized (for a reasonable price). For this series, same as the paperback price is reasonable, because I factor not having to shift boxes into the cost.

I factored not having to rent another storage room into the cost of the kindle. The original K1 at the original price was worth it. And the refurbished K2us with collections was positively cheap!

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