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My sister and I went to visit our great-grandparents and great-aunts and uncles today.

The cemetery they're buried in closed in 2006. Luckily for my genealogy purposes, some volunteers have been uploading the data from the records they've been able to acquire to A co-worker was having difficulty uploading a photograph, so I logged in a couple weeks ago and tested the site using a family name and one of my brick walls came tumbling down. My great-grandpa William had been entered since the last time I looked for him, as well as his wife, and four of their children.

The court has ordered visitation days (a whole four hours) every two weeks or so and the timing was such that I only had to wait a week and a half to go.

The family lot has twelve graves, eleven of which are filled. Only five had markers. Only two of those five are direct relations. I am assuming that the family couldn't afford the markers in the twenties and thirties.

It looks like six of the twelve plots were purchased by the spouse of one of my great-aunts and he allowed the burial of his wife's deceased siblings and mother at the time of his late wife's interment in the early twenties. William and another sister were added in the late thirties. Only his wife, my great-aunt, has a marker. My sister was worried about the dust's affect on my eyes after she noticed one was considerably bloodshot at breakfast (allergies, she thinks), so she did the lion's share of unearthing the marker that was covered with a five inch layer of dirt and dead weeds.

Some time after the original purchase, his wife's brother (my great-uncle) and spouse bought the other six sites. Upon his death, the lots were hers and later, her father (no marker), her second husband and she were also buried there. The most recent interment is my great-uncle's daughter's husband. The empty plot is next to his. His stone gave me enough information to be able to identify my dad's first cousin (I hadn't had her marriage data before), her two children, and six grandchildren.

We did clean up the entire lot, raking away the worst of the overgrown weeds and bagging them, and cleaning all the markers. We also cleared the weeds from some of the neighboring markers to be able to identify each of our family graves. Within our lot, the graves are aligned foot to foot, so my great-grandmother is across from her son at one end and my first cousin once-removed's late husband is across from my great-aunt at the other end. This puts the markers of the next lots over within inches of our lot's markers or where markers would be if they existed.
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