Jun. 4th, 2010

pagerd: (kindle)
> Is there a way to print a list of my books on kindle? Or at least the ones
from Amazon?

Sign in to Amazon.

Click on "my account" in the upper right hand corner.

About two-thirds down the page, there's a header "digital content". To the right of that, there's a header "your media library". Click on "your collection".

There's a drop-down menu under "View". Click on "kindle items" or "kindle books" if you don't want to include your magazines, blogs or newspapers.

Sort by title, date acquired or creator at the top right hand side. Unfortunately, it sorts by first name.

If you click on "print", it creates a page that includes covers. If this is what you want, send it to your printer. Otherwise, cancel out the print job.

To have a simple list of author and book, you have to do a little more work.

While in the page, hit control-A, then control-C. Open your notepad, then hit control-V. This strips out non-text from the list. Delete the stuff you don't want to print using "replace".

I tried to just copy and paste the thin list, but you have to scroll down a page at a time and wait for the system to load each screen. I currently have 1885 kindle books purchased from Amazon.


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