Aug. 7th, 2010

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Robin said...

@Richard S Wheeler,

I'm not interested in your fiction (not my genre), but your memoir sounds interesting. Do you have the e-rights? I would have bought it five minutes ago if it had been available on kindle and reasonably priced.

@Anne Marie

I'll try to remember to look up your indie-pubbed book again after the product description posts. Right now I can't tell whether it's something I'd like or not. The cover's pretty, but not informative enough on its own.

I am what was termed an "intense reader" by someone in these comments. I bought 143 books on line from b&n in 2007, and over 50 others at brick & mortar stores that year. I regret delaying ordering my kindle as long as I did (I dithered for a day or two, which put me on the waiting list) since it took me five weeks to get it, but get it I did, on January 10, 2008 and I haven't looked back.

Unless it's a book by an author of whom I'm a fan, I will only buy ebooks and only if the ebook is less than the DTB. I paid $15 this week for the e-ARC of Bujold's Cryoburn from Baen. I am a fan of LMB. I have refused to buy Ender's Game because it's priced the same as the paperback at $5.99. I already have the paperback... and the hardcover. Ebooks don't have to support the printing, shipping, storage, and returns of paperbacks, and I expect to have at least part of that savings passed on to me as the consumer. If I thought it was going to the author, I'd probably go ahead and pay that price.

Concerning price points, I'm just as likely to one-click a $2.99 book as a ninety-nine cent book, if I think I'll enjoy the book. Knowing the royalty structure, I'd prefer the author getting 70% (less delivery charges) of $2.99 than 35% of $1.

I don't shop by the bestseller lists. I sort my genres by publication date, and check out the last thirty days. This is where the covers come in handy. I scroll through the "also bought" lists of my new purchases. I click on authors' names to see if they have backlist I've missed because they've been listed by their original publication date. I search names of the composers of blogposts that let it be known they've got kindle content. I found JL Wilson that way after she posted on this blog back in May. I bought one book at a $5.70 price point, and after reading it and loving it, went back and bought six others. I check out what other people found interesting enough to pricewatch on I check my amazon rec list. I use mysteria for non-kindled books and wonder why publishers are kindlizing some authors and not others. There are series I bought in 2007 that I haven't picked up since, because the publisher hasn't e-published the latest titles, at all. Those series numbers are dropping, not because of lack of interest, but because they refuse to publish in the format I want to buy.

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