Dec. 6th, 2015

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I started my trip to visit Eve at 8:30. Took over an hour for the bus to Hollywood & Vine. Took the red line for a few stops to catch the connection to the 244 which runs down Ventura Blvd. It dropped me off in front of a Winchell's on Reseda about forty minutes later. The sign of cronuts caught my attention so I went in. They were out of cronuts, of course. I bought two donuts from their limited selection.

I walked to Eve's along Clark.

I got there during Eve's exercise class and got roped into joining in. The class is held on the ground floor in what in the Army we would have called the day room. After the class was over, I presented her with Jingles.
2015-12-06 11.53.55.jpg

We went to Dennys. I was hoping to recreate our usual December outing where I'd give her the stuffing and cranberry sauce from the Turkey Dinner, but they were out of Turkey. We went to Ralph's afterwards, since Eve needed stamps. To get there, we went around the block.

Next, we went to Good Will.

Westfield Topanga was our last destination. Eve got to experience a shopping mall during the Christmas season. We used the wheelchair. I showed her the amazing truffles at Lolli and Pops and I gave her a narrated tour of the Lego store.

We took the scenic route back to her place.

I left in a hurry to try to catch a particular bus, but must have just missed it. Going back, I took the 244 to the Orange line to the red line back to Hollywood & Vine. The Pantages was beautiful with its lit Christmas trees.eve-legostore.png

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