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I hate to write, but I've done it in the past. I was in the Army for ten years and my family kinda wanted to know I was still alive once in a while.

I am an extreme introvert, 9/1 according to Myers-Briggs.

My life is boring by most people's standards. I work as an accountant and live alone. No significant other and no kids, by choice. No pets, by lease.

I learned to read when I was four and never stopped. I started reading comics then, but didn't start collecting until 1976. I had a hiatus during a time of unemployment, but have filled in most of the gaps since. I also had a gap from when someone was supposed to ship me my books when I PCSed (Permanent Change of Station, i.e. moved), but didn't do it and kept the money I left for postage.

I am a fan. I am a collector. I kind of collect fandoms. I tend to acquire new fandoms, letting older ones go dormant, but never quite let go.
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